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Halloween Party on a Budget

With the economic crunch, some people are seriously thinking of not participating in this year’s trick or treating celebration. But this is easier said than done if you have little kids who are looking forward to the event the whole year round. Explaining to these little kids that you don’t have the budget to buy new costumes and candies to give away will be harder to do.

But you don’t really need to have a big budget in order to organize a great Halloween party or to participate in a Halloween celebration. The most basic thing that you need is the costume and some candies. If you know how to properly budget and make use of your creativity, you can come up with both without really spending so much. Here are some ideas that might help you with your seemingly impossible task.

1. Rent a costume
Costumes need not be bought. You can always rent a costume for your kids. Make sure though that they are clean and disinfected before your kids wear them to avoid skin problems. There are numerous costume rental shops in the city. If you have a hard time looking for one, you can check out the directory or surf the internet for some listing.

2. Make your own costume
If your kids are only going to use the costume for a few hours of trick or treating and there is really no party that they need to attend, a simple costume can do. They don’t need anything elaborate. You can even make your own costume with the use of paper products. If you are not the crafty type, you can always look for patterns and easy to follow instructions on craft books and online.

3. Recycle old decors and costumes
If you have costumes in your attic that you will not be using, don’t let them rot inside there. You can reuse them by putting them in front of the yard as a scarecrow or a mascot. Costumes can also become a centerpiece on a table. Halloween baskets with Halloween costumes can also serve as casing for candies. There are lots of things that you can do for old costumes. Some can even be cut up and the fabric can be used to make new ones that your kids can wear. It’s all up to you. Let your imagination run wild and your creativity soar.

4. Check the online promos
Online shopping is actually not a hassle especially if you have lots of promos and discounts to avail. Some stores are promoting their online shops and are selling their products cheaper online. If you are on the lookout for a particular item, why not check out the online stores of the bigger chain stores and department stores like Target and Wal-mart. They offer lots of great deals for people. Make sure though that you check their delivery dates. The goods may be delivered to you too late if you do not look.