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Halloween for the Little Kids

Not everyone can go trick or treating. Little kids and toddlers can be handful to watch over especially during Halloween when there are a lot of people and kids run around all over the place. They are much too little and gullible to really realize the danger that they can possibly be in.

If you do not have an adult child who can go with your little ones to every house on Halloween, better rethink your decision to let him do it. These days, it is important that little kids have adults with them when they go out especially at night. With lots of people out on Halloween, your little one might get lost in the shuffle. It is important that one kid partners with one adult. This way, the buddy system will be working. If one of your kids do not have a partner and you cannot go, then stay at home. You can celebrate Halloween inside the house anyway. Here are some ways to celebrate at home with your little kids without boring them out.

1. Make Halloween crafts
This is by far the most effective activities for little kids and toddlers. They love colors and they love shapes. You can try making Halloween masks that they can wear during dinner or a visit to a relative’s house the next day. To minimize the cutting, cut the pieces yourself and then have them organize them and paste the parts onto each other. Make sure that you include lots of different colors for them to choose from. You can also ask them initially what mask they want to make and then prepare a set for each of them.

2. Bake a cake
Kids will love this activity because there are sweets and colors and eating involved. You can for instance ask them to help you bake a huge cake for dinner. Tell them that it will serve as the table’s centerpiece and they can help decorate it. They can also help you bake small cupcakes that they can personalize according to their favorite Halloween character. There are also cookies that you can do with Halloween cookie cutters that you can buy from any cookware and bakeware shop. There are lots of things that you can do with them in the kitchen. Make sure though that you keep away the sharp things from them. Give them instead plastic utensils that are not dangerous.

3. Scare people off
Trick or treating does not only involve going out and going to different houses. People in the house can also participate by giving candies to those outside and well… trying to scare them. You and your kids can thus enjoy the celebration while still inside the house. You can play a game and see who can scare the trick and treaters outside the most. You can have them give out the treats while in their costumes. For kids, it’s not actually the walking that’s great, it’s the costume and the feel of the occasion.