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Halloween Preparation Made Easy

Here comes Halloween again and you are probably in pins and needles trying to prepare the house and the food and the trick and treat baskets and the costumes and the… Halloween can be a great event for kids but for their moms, it is a nightmare literally. Not only do they have to cut some things on the budget (which is now harder than before with the recession kicking in), they also have to make sure that everything is in order with the kids’ party get up and decorations at home. Below are some useful tips that moms and dads can check out to make their Halloween more fun and less stressful.

1. Recycle from last year
This is perhaps the secret of all moms who do not really stress out, come Halloween time. They reuse what they have used the last time and simply put them in other places or use the items differently. For instance, a costume that your kids cannot wear anywhere can become a scarecrow right outside the home or maybe a hanging vampire on your wall. A pair of baskets that will not really match the costumes of any of your kids this year can be filled with candies that you can display as a centerpiece. There are a lot of things that you can do with items that you have already used. It is not only less stressful to you but also to your budget.

2. Plan the whole year round
The wise parent will not wait the last minute for Halloween to come. He or she will be on the lookout for items for decorations and costumes for the next year months before. This is actually even better on your budget because you are able to take advantage of sales and discounts that will probably be coming right after the Halloween period. But don’t buy the chocolates in advance. They might get spoiled when Halloween comes.

You can also take advantage of the promos immediately after Halloween. This is the best time to shop as items that were not sold the week before will surely be sold on a discount now. Make sure though that you have somewhere to store the stuff that you bought. Otherwise, don’t buy. They might get destroyed. So weigh in all your options too.

3. Involve the whole family
Nothing beats having the whole family working with you. The job becomes small because it is divided into piecemeal sizes and you also get to hang with your kids and bond with them. Having these kind of activities will also help your kids realize just how hard it is to organize a Halloween party or to prepare their Halloween costumes.

Thus, they will be less demanding when it comes to changing costumes every year and less snooty when things do not go according to schedule. With them working with you, they will learn that it takes a lot of work and not just done with a swish of the mommy wand.