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Things and Tricks You Need to Know about Halloween

If you are among many people who look forward to Halloween, aren't you curious about how it all started? There are more things to this event than costumes and decorations, or horror movies and other kinds of scary stuff.

Looking Back

Its roots is said to be the Celtic festival at Samhain and the All Saint's Day being celebrated by Christians. In 1846 during the Great Famine in Ireland, some versions of this tradition were brought to North America by Irish immigrants. Now, this is more popular and it gave way for decors like jack-o'-lantern to be known worldwide. Popular activities that people do during the event include costume parties, carving scary lanterns, watching horror flicks or telling scary stories, visiting haunted attractions, ghost tours and trick or treating.

The Smahain festival is a celebration being done at the end of harvest season in the Gaelic culture. This was also referred to as the Cltic New Year. The ancient Celtic pagans used such time to slaughter livestock and get stock of supplies to be allotted for winter stores. At the time they believed that during the last day of October, the dead was able to present increased danger to the living as they could cause sickness and damage on crops.

They conduct the festival that included bonfires where the bones from the slaughtered livestock were thrown into. While doing this, the people involved wore masks and costumes, as they imitated the evil spirits to appease them.

Understanding the Term

The term that is now commonly used was originally spelled Hallowe’en. This is the short version of All Hallows’ Even or All Hallows' Eve.


Through the years, this date has become more about fun, especially for kids who would do everything to make sure that they will fill their baskets with goodies and candies. Trick or treating is now popular in most countries around the world. Its popularity may be due to the fact that even adults enjoy the occasion. Homeowners would even take extra measures to decorate their homes to the delight of the young trick or treaters. Parents are also very supportive of their young ones. They help them choose their costumes and bring them on various events, like parties or small gatherings where they can meet other people who are very enthusiastic with the occasion.

Decorative Ideas

If you have only recently discovered the fun side of the occasion, here are some ideas that you can use for your decors.

The classic cobwebs that you can scatter on various parts of the house can be easily purchased on local shops. You can team this up with spiders that glow in the dark. You may also want to get creepy creatures that you can integrate on the cobwebs like bats, black cats and vampires.

You can also bring out the Christmas lights to brighten up the mood of the event. You can place the lights alongside other creepy decors to balance everything. This can be helpful if you have kids who are not that keen about spooky ideas. With this, you can let them enjoy the Halloween without the fear of getting nightmares when they fall asleep.