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Simple Materials Turn into Great Halloween Decors

Halloween is the time of the year when you create those spooky costumes and decors to delight visitors and guests. It would be odd to display pumpkins and scary characters on ordinary days, but during Halloween, doing so is instantly justified. Every year, it must be your problem how you could spice up your own Halloween stuff. You probably have always visited the malls and retailers and buy ready made fun stuff specifically for the occasion. There is good news. You do not have to spend significantly for the event. You could make creative and ghoulish decors using all the stuff that sit uselessly at home. Here are some ideas.

Marshmallows could make great ghost figures. Do you remember the classic film ‘Ghostbusters’? The Marshmallow man has truly made an impact to that generation. Now, you could find many Halloween parties including marshmallow man figures as decors. You could turn ordinary and small marshmallows into the ghostly figure. It could be truly fun.

Gauze could make a great mummy. Yes, mummies are scary but they are made fun during Halloween. There are several other materials you could use if you want to create fun mummy figures. How about food? Here is one great idea. Wrap dough sheets all around several pieces of hotdogs to create mummy treats that every child would surely have fun to eat. You could make your mummy treats a lot spookier if you would use further imagination. Use ketchup or even mustard to draw mummy eyes as well as mouth on the mummies. You could also put in several other edible decors to make your hotdog mummy more appealing.

Spider webs are among the usual and popular Halloween decors. It gives an odd feeling. That is why they are used as a spooky idea. You do not have to use real spiders to create webs. Cotton could do. Just be creative and resourceful in doing your artificial spider webs.

Do you plan to make fake graveyards? Use cardboard to do so. The material could be perfect in creating graveyards and Rest in peace signs. You could even spice up the idea by injecting more creativity into it. You could ask your children how they think the object could be made even scarier. It would look more realistic if you would put names of famous deceased icons or characters on the grave. Be innovative.

Decorate your own costume. You could use old clothes and use creativity to make yourself look spooky. Put on red fingernail polish to put up an illusion that you have blood on your hands. You could use makeup to make your face look ugly and scary. If you aim to wear a superhero costume, you could use old clothes and accessories you already have in your closet.

Dry ice could be used to create a steam effect on the party venue. Mini ghosts could be created using facial tissue that is painted with ghoulish faces. Make-ups could truly make Halloween costumes look more realistic.