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Go Green for Halloween

There is an imminent call to go green these days. With the looming global warming and the pending climate change, people need to be more environmentally conscious. The Halloween celebration is not spared. As such, you could go green this Halloween. That would be fun, practical, and logical. You would surely be proud of yourself on how you have contributed greatly to helping save the planet.

How do you go green for Halloween? It need not be tedious and difficult. Being environmentally friendly would not take much effort. You could begin the task by deciding to reuse old clothes and costumes. There is no need to buy new Halloween costumes every year. You could not only save money. You could save the environment. Why not recycle or reuse your old costumes?

If you want variety, you could ask several of your friends to lend you their old costumes. In turn, you could lend to them yours. This way, you would be wearing an entirely new costume, old, but something you have not worn on the previous Halloweens. You could save your children’s worn out and small costumes so that you could lend them or hand them to other children who may need fun and spooky Halloween costumes.

Recycle Halloween decorations. It may be tempting to change and buy new decors every year. But this year, do a difference. Perhaps, your garage may contain tons of old Halloween decors from the previous years. Clean some of them and decide to reuse or recycle them. You could save a lot by not buying any Halloween décor this year. Besides, such materials could also cost a lot. Decors are meant to be spooky. Just imagine how new decors try to look old to be scary and fun looking. By using reused decors, you would not have a problem on making the ornaments look spooky and old. It would come naturally.

Reuse other Halloween materials. You could opt to reuse old trick or treating bags. Do not throw those after use. You could always save them to be used on the coming years. If you want, you could also improvise such bags. Paper bags are more admirable and recommended than the usual cloth and plastic ones for obvious environmental reasons.

Reduce energy consumption on your Halloween decors. You probably might be fond of using different colored bulbs that are enclosed in pumpkins. This year, strive to make a difference. Why not buy tens of tea candles and light them around the house? You may opt not to turn on any electric light for the night. You could be surprised at how elegant your home would look like. No more need to be spooky, it could be one naturally.

Go organic on treats. Are you preparing for the candies and goodies to be given away to kids? Prefer those that are wrapped in papers instead of plastic. You could make your own home-made candies. Or you could buy or order pastries that could be shaped like traditional trick or treat candies.

Remember, no plastics and no artificial sugars. You could even make this Halloween healthier for the kids.